setting default options with a vbscript

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setting default options with a vbscript

Post by ddnwolff » Thu Nov 21 2002

Is their a way to set printing preferences such as resolution, default document folder, and font embedding options with an installation script? We would like to do a silent install with certain options set.

Thanks in advance for your help

Dan Wolff

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Post by Joan » Wed Nov 27 2002


Yes you can do this. Mainly you need to call the different functions of CDintf from the VB script.

Here is a pseudocode that may be helpful:

Set cdintf = CreateObject( "cdintf.cdintf" ) 'to create the CDintf object

cdintf.PDFDriverInit ("My PDF Printer") ' to install a new printer

cdintf.DriverInit("My PDF Printer") ' to keep the printer

cdintf.SetResultuion = 600

cdintf.SetDefaultConfig() ' to be called after changing the settings

cdintf.DefaultFileName = "c:\temp\test.pdf"

'Appendix D of the manual "Amyuni PDF Converter.pdf" Contains all the
' options you can set from FileNameOptions.
cdintf.FileNameOptions = 1 + 3

If you need more information about this issue please contact

Hope this is helpful.

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