Empty PDF file with CDIntf.dll ver 2.10g

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Empty PDF file with CDIntf.dll ver 2.10g

Post by JESUS » Fri Jan 02 2004

Hi Alls

We have incorporated the converter developer version with cdintf.dll version 2.10g into our aplication.
For a majority of our users it is working great.
We have a lot clients is using Windows XP but one client also is using a Windows XP machine that is having a problem.
We are creating a PDF file and do call EnablePrinter after PDFDriverInit and before each StartDoc command.
We are specifying the output file name of the pdf file to be generated and this is how we are doing:

memset(&di, 0, sizeof(di));
di.cbSize = sizeof(di);
di.lpszDocName = _T("Temp document");
di.lpszOutput = _T("c:\\temp.pdf");

The code does not produce any errors, and the PDF file has been created, but it is empty (0 bytes).
Do you have any idea what is causing this or how to fix it?

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Mon Jan 05 2004


I am not sure from which application your customer is printing.

If he / she is printing from Internet Explorer and has IE 4.72.2106.8 please upgrade to the latest version of IE.

I don't know of other cases where the PDF Converter may generate empty pdf files.

Sometimes even if the file appears as 0 bytes, when opening it you will see all the data and after closing it the normal file size will appear.

If this didn't help, please contact our Support Department support@amyuni.com


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