GetVersionInformation v. PDF Converter

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GetVersionInformation v. PDF Converter

Post by smckay »

Hi There,

Running v5.5.2.1 PDF Converter.
The call to Getversioninformation is giving back unexpected results.
CDIntfMajor = 327685
CDIntfMinor = 131073
PrinterDriverMajor = 327685
PrinterDriverMinor = 131073

Any insite would be greatly appreciated!

Amyuni Team
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Re: GetVersionInformation v. PDF Converter

Post by Jose »

Hi Stuart,

The code snippet below illustrates how to retrieve the DLL version number of the different CDINTF.DLL.

Can you please test this on your end?

Code: Select all

void GetVersionTest()
       // Handle to DLL
       HINSTANCE hDLL = LoadLibrary(_T("cdintf.dll"));
       if (hDLL != NULL)
             DriverInit = (lpfnDriverInitProc)GetProcAddress(hDLL, _T("DriverInit"));
             GetVersionInformation = (lpfnGetVersionInformationProc)GetProcAddress(hDLL, _T("GetVersionInformation"));

             if (NULL == GetVersionInformation ||
                    NULL == DriverInit)
                    cout << "Error in Export functions" << endl;

             if (NULL == (hPdfPrinter = (*DriverInit)(szPrinter)))
                    //system error
                    cout << "DriverInit Failed" << endl;

             long CDIntfMajor, CDIntfMinor, PrinterDriverMajor, PrinterDriverMinor;
              (*GetVersionInformation)(hPdfPrinter, &CDIntfMajor, &CDIntfMinor, &PrinterDriverMajor, &PrinterDriverMinor);

             printf("Version cdintf.dll:: %i.%i.%i.%i \n", HIWORD(CDIntfMajor), LOWORD(CDIntfMajor), HIWORD(CDIntfMinor), LOWORD(CDIntfMinor));
             printf("Version Printer Driver: %i.%i.%i.%i \n", HIWORD(PrinterDriverMajor), LOWORD(PrinterDriverMajor), HIWORD(PrinterDriverMinor), LOWORD(PrinterDriverMinor));



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