Filling a PDF (using FDF) - Encoding & Formatting Issues

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Filling a PDF (using FDF) - Encoding & Formatting Issues

Post by mfaller »

Hi folks,

i've implemented functionality to fill the fields of an existing PDF-File with Data from a FDF-File.

Generally it works, but in Acrobat Reader i can see two problems, which i can't solve.

- In some Fields the german special characters (äöüÄÖÜß) are not displayed (other characters are shown) until i click into the field!
- In some Fields the formatting (alignment, font-type, font-height, ...) is lost until i click into the field!

When i change the filled field-values a little bit (e.g. by adding a space character) and save the PDF-Document in Acrobat Reader everything works as desired.

The application is programmed with PowerBuilder 12.6 (but i'm sure this isn't really important). I'm using PDF Converter 4.5 with its ActiveX-Interface.
To fill the PDF-File i followed the suggestion in the Developer-Documentation of PDF Creator with the single steps (Open, Merge, Save).

Has anyone an idea, what i can do to avoid theses problems?

Thank You!

Amyuni Team
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Re: Filling a PDF (using FDF) - Encoding & Formatting Issues

Post by Jose »

Hello Michael,

I would first suggest that you download an evaluation version of the v5.5.0.3 of the Amyuni PDF Converter and verify if the issue still occurs. If it does not, then the solution is to upgrade to version v.5.5

If you are still able to reproduce the issue with v5.5, you would need to send your resulting PDF document, your FDF file and a brief code snippet to and we will take a closer look at the issue.

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