"Negative" PDF documents

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"Negative" PDF documents

Post by albgio »

Hi everyone,
I'm running into an odd problem from one of our customers.
We have hundreds installations of Amyuni PDFs embedded within our product's setup, but there's one customer with a very strange issue.
When he prints a document, the resulting pdf file is some sort of a "negative" of the document. Text is white on white and according to Adobe Pro is hidden; graphical objects like rectangles (usually white) looks gray and the text inside is white too.
I've checked for color profiles associated to the printer in Windows printer's options, but there's nothing weird. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't help. Printing with other PDF printers just works fine...
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance
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Re: "Negative" PDF documents

Post by Devteam »

Hello Gio

Please contact our support team by email providing as much information as possible about the issue, for example:

Exact version of the library that your customer is using, for example
Exact version of the operating systems where this issue is happening
Is the application a 32 bit process or a 64 bit one?
Can you provide faulty sample PDF files?

Best regards
Amyuni Development Team

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