Can't chnge printer properties through Windows 7

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Can't chnge printer properties through Windows 7

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We are currently running Amyuni PDF creater on a VMware windows 7 box. The version of VMware is exsi 5.1. We have been able to create 2 printers, Amyuni landscape converter and Amyuni portrait converter. The printers are being recognized but when I try to print to them, it brings up a window asking for a file name. As we use this printer in scripts, I need to have the file name created automatically. When I go into printer preferences, destination, and try to change the destination name to document name, I am unable to save the changes. I have set this as the default printer. I am an administrator on this machine.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any help would be appreciated. I've been through our network guys, service desk and programmers and no one seems to be able to help me.
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Re: Can't chnge printer properties through Windows 7

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Can you try changing the printer setting using the steps below:

"The Administrator will set these printer settings by:

- Right-click on the installed printer
- select Printer properties
- select the Advanced tab - click on the Printing Defaults...
- make the necessary changes to the Printing Defaults and then click OK."

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