MergeEx Layered

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MergeEx Layered

Post by wolf.volkmann » Wed Jul 29 2015


I'm using the MergeEx function to merge 2 or more douments into one.
As option i'm using 4 (layered).

When i merge 2 document the layers are displayed correctly: ... Merge1.PNG

but with 3 or more documents there a folders for the layers: ... Merge2.PNG

How can i prevent pdf converter from creating these "layer folders"?

i also tried to use the "SetLayer" method after the "PageStart" event while printing, but this didnt work at all.

any ideas?

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Re: MergeEx Layered

Post by Jose » Thu Jul 30 2015


The "layer folders" you are referring is created by design and cannot be removed. This folder is created to group the layers of the initial PDF document and also created to avoid the situation where the new PDF document will contain a layer name of an existing layer.

Hope this makes sense?
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