Amyuni PDF Converter and Win 10?

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Amyuni PDF Converter and Win 10?

Post by thomas_huber » Wed Mar 18 2015

We are using Amyuni PDF converter
It runs perfect on Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1
But currently we are testing it in Win 10 Built 9926 and there are two problems.

Problem one:
If I set another printer as default printer amyuni is not able to switch the printer programatically to the amyuni printer driver.

Problem two:
If the amyuni printer is the default printer it says printer not activated -30.

We are willing to upgrade if you can guarantee win-10-compatibility.

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Re: Amyuni PDF Converter and Win 10?

Post by Jose » Fri Apr 10 2015


We recently started testing our version v5.0 of the Amyuni PDF Converter on Windows 10 and have not encountered any issues. At this time we have not plants to support version v4.5x on windows 10.

We are aiming to release our next major upgrade version v6.0 with windows 10 certification to coincide with the windows 10 release later on this summer. As soon as Microsoft makes their printer driver windows 10 certification tests available, we are going to have our driver certified for that OS.

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Re: Amyuni PDF Converter and Win 10?

Post by Untoter » Wed May 20 2015

Any News here? We have Versions of Windows 10 in VM´s that can print, other cant. Will there a DLL update nessesary? Or does Windows 10 Need an update to run Amyuni PDF Converter

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Re: Amyuni PDF Converter and Win 10?

Post by sprezzatura » Sat Jul 25 2015

We've just installed PDF Converter (upgrade from 4.5) on Windows 10, seems to work OK. Requires a reboot.

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