How to go back to

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How to go back to

Post by aroncox » Tue Feb 25 2014

I have installed Amyuni printer driver. I'd like to now go back to an older version to test something, say I can't seem to do that. If I uninstall using install.exe, and then reinstall using install.exe from a folder containing only the files the printer properties report a version of and the behaviour of my test code is as if is installed.

I have searched my drive for cdintf*.dll and replaced it with version where ever I find it, but I am still not getting results.

Can anyone tell me what exactly I need to do in order to uninstall completely a version of Amyuni so I can install another version?

Thank you for any help.

Windows 7 64-bit, 32-bit Amyuni drivers

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Re: How to go back to

Post by Jose » Mon Mar 03 2014


The post below describes how to complete clean a PC of the Amyuni PDF Converter printer driver. ... tely#p8302

I believe this should help you.

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