Non-admin users cannot create pdf's

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Non-admin users cannot create pdf's

Post by tuck » Mon Oct 14 2002

I am using the PDF Converter Developer to create PDFs from a custom application I've built. On one installation (Win2000 TS), users that are not part of the Administrators group cannot create PDFs. It seems to me to be a security related issue, but there is no error from PDF Converter that anything is wrong. But the messages in the EventLog cleary indicates that the printer port needs to be changed for the printer, but I cannot find out how to configure permissions for this. Exctract from my EventLog:

With Admin privileges:
Document 48, Testrapp owned by AdmUser was printed on PDF 2140 via port y:\temp\test_2140_1210.pdf. Size in bytes: 0; pages printed: 1

Without admin privileges:
Document 49, Testrapp owned by NormUser was printed on PDF 2140 via port COM1:. Size in bytes: 0; pages printed: 1

Any suggestions about security configuration (or other ways to solve this)? I don't want to give all users admin privileges.

Per-Frode Pedersen

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Post by jevason » Fri Dec 13 2002

If the Term Svs process runs using a proxy id (like SYSTEM) as happens with activex DLL's called in ASP pages, then you will need to give the SYSTEM account privs on the printer. See the MS Knowledgebase on this one.

Or you can register the DLL under control of MS Transaction servcer which allows you to set it to run under the Administrator account.

Option 2 is the easier to achieve.

Good luck.


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