Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

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Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

Post by aroncox » Fri Aug 23 2013


I downloaded and installed Amyuni PDF Suite Developer Pro 5.0 yesterday in order to see if it we can upgrade from version 4. Unfortunately it seems an old problem we had has come back in that converting a Word document containing a watermark is no longer working. I had already added the SimPostscript=TRUE code for an older version of Amyuni, and testing the same Word document against that version shows it still works in Amyuni 4. Am I missing something, or is there a known issue with version 5?

Thanks very much for any help I can get. We'd like to update to 5 in order to fix a Windows 64-bit installation issue we've been having.

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Re: Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

Post by aroncox » Tue Sep 03 2013

It looks like this isn't a common problem. Here's more info:

All PCs I've tested are Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit.

I have a function in Powerbuilder that uses the Amyuni ActiveX to convert a Word Document to a PDF. My test document has a watermark (Sample) in it. This worked fine in Amyuni 4 after setting SimPostscript = TRUE.

However now I've upgraded to 5 if I have SimPostscript = TRUE I get a blank PDF file if there is a watermark in the Word document, but if the Word document does not have a watermark it converts fine. If I set SimPostscript = FALSE then the watermark Word document converts but the watermark is solid and not a faded watermark like it is in the Word document.

Does anyone have any ideas, is there something I am missing in Amyuni 5.0, here is the code I am using to set SimPostscript, perhaps I'm doing something in the wrong order? If it's any help I have created a test app, and a test Word document both of which I am happy to provide to anyone.

Here is my Powerbuilder code:

Code: Select all

// Attach to PDF printer, this should already exist
li_ret = iole_amyuni_app.DriverInit (is_pdf_printer)  	

// Lock the printer based on the Document Name it will have in the
// printer queue

// Set output PDF file name - Seem to need to do both for some reason
iole_amyuni_app.SetDocFileProps(ls_temp_filename, 1 + 2, "", as_output_pdf_file_name)
iole_amyuni_app.DefaultFileName = as_output_pdf_file_name

// T02-I Start
// Removed the full embedding of fonts, this is not required and causes Windows Server 2008 R2 to hang
iole_amyuni_app.FileNameOptionsEx = idec_NoPrompt + idec_UseFileName + idec_EmbedFonts + idec_MultiLingualSupport
// T02-I End

// Enable the printer with the correct licence key
li_ret = iole_amyuni_app.EnablePrinter(is_AMYUNI_NAME,is_AMYUNI_KEY)

// Set the printer, but do not set it as the default printer
iole_word_app.Application.WordBasic.FilePrintSetup(is_pdf_printer,0,0,1)	// T01-C Was Trace PDF Converter

// Make sure the margins are set to 0 that way extra margins
// aren't added
iole_amyuni_app.SimPostscript = TRUE

// Print the document from Word to PDF
iole_word_app.ActiveDocument.PrintOut(FALSE, FALSE)

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Re: Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

Post by Jose » Wed Sep 04 2013


It seems that we have also been able to reproduce this issue. We are currently working getting this issue resolved and once an update is available I will post a notification.

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Re: Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

Post by aroncox » Thu Sep 05 2013

Thank you very much for the update. I will test your update as soon as it is available.

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Re: Amyuni 5 and SimPostscript

Post by aroncox » Wed Oct 09 2013

I notice there is now a Do you know if there is a fix for this issue in that release?

Thank you for your help.

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