Zero byte PDFs created

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Zero byte PDFs created

Post by JeffreyHunt » Wed May 08 2013


I have an existing program we have been running on a desktop hitting data on a windows server and everything is running fine. We decided to move the process up onto the server and have it run via a scheduled task. Inside GPEDIT I turned off the limitation so I could install the printer driver via kernel. I installed the same version of the Amyuni printer driver which is on the working desktop. I added the RRW.INI file to the Windows folder on the server. Copied up the program from the desktop. So everything being equal I should get working PDFs, however, all I get are 0 byte length PDFs. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Server is Microsoft Server 2003

Here is the results of the RRStat.txt and lcCtrlFile:

[RRW Runtime output]

Contents of the Control File : lcCtrlFile
ri_report =J:\Winvest\ClientName\DATA\statement\INVSTMT.RRW
ri_master =j:\winvest\ClientName\data\invicd.dbf

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Re: Zero byte PDFs created

Post by Jose » Mon May 13 2013


The “zero-byte” files are typically created when the PDF Converter is initialized, the default file name value is set but the printer does not receive any output to print.

You can test this by printing to another printer on server.
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