Converter v2.10 - ConcatenateFiles with Word 2010 PDF ?

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Converter v2.10 - ConcatenateFiles with Word 2010 PDF ?

Post by pygrondin » Fri Apr 26 2013

We're using the "ConcatenateFiles" function to put an Amyuni PDF and a Word 2010 PDF (generated via the "save as PDF" option, present since Word 2007) together, but it doesn't work properly : the result is a PDF containing the AmyUni PDF and a white page where the content from the Word PDF should be.
We tried it with different parameters on the Amyuni Converter, to no effect.
To my knowledge, there are at least two workarounds to this:
-Tick the option "PDF/A" in Word 2010 while saving in
- Generate the PDF with PDFCreator instead of Word
Both of these work fine, but for us the most ideal solution would be something on the amyuni side (a solution which then wouldn't need any action from our users).
Is this a known bug ? We're currently working on Amyuni PDF Converter V2.10, should we upgrade for this to work properly ?

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Re: Converter v2.10 - ConcatenateFiles with Word 2010 PDF ?

Post by Rich » Fri Apr 26 2013

Before looking at your technical issue, I suggest that you contact our sales department to discuss your licensing. (

The standard developer\application license allows the developer to install a version of the Amyuni PDF Converter that is only accessible from the application which installs it. The user of your application will not print directly to the PDF Converter but rather it is the application which starts the printing process.

If you create an accounting package and you want your users to be able to save their reports\invoices in PDF format. In this type of application the user may have a “save as PDF” for their invoices. In this situation the standard developer\application is applicable.

In the case where you are allowing conversion to PDF format from multiple types of documents or applications, you will need either a royalty based, a corporate or OEM license.

Our website clearly indicates that these types of applications require special licensing models.
Special Licensing:
•Document management applications where the end-user needs to convert any type of document into PDF for emailing or archiving.
•Remote printing applications where the end-user needs to convert any type of document into PDF for printing.

ps. Anything less than 4.0 is deemed legacy and is not supported.
Efficient and accurate conversion to PDF, XPS, PDF/A and more. Free trials at -

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