Version 5.00 Preview

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Version 5.00 Preview

Post by zaksoft » Mon Apr 08 2013

I've downloaded version 5...

- there is no documentation (the only 2 PDFs are how to start using the libraries and not function reference)
- CDIntf.h differs only in few defs for save otions, but
- In your exe sample for viewer there are 2 options for saving PDF/A, but I cannot make them work.. How can I save a loaded PDF as PDF/A -1b from code ?
- How to export to HTML5 ? I've seen only old HTML call
- Do you have a timeframe for release ?

Davide Zaccanti

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Re: Version 5.00 Preview

Post by Rich » Mon Apr 15 2013

The DevTeam has since updated our online documentation which I have provided a link below to reflect the Pre-Release of 5.0:

ExportToHTML5 Method ... Method.htm

We are anticipating the release of 5.0 in the next few months.

Hope this helps.
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