Subscription Updates : Where is Serial Number ???

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Subscription Updates : Where is Serial Number ???

Post by nrmsmith » Fri Jun 13 2003

When I log on to subscription updates (for existing customers) on the Amyuni website I am asked to enter my email address & My product's serial number ex:12345678-1234.

However, I wasn't given a serial number when my order was processed - only a license ID & activation code.

How do I therefore log on to get future Updates ???

Thank you
NRM Smith

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Post by Joan » Mon Jun 16 2003


The update to version 2.10 is not in the updates page. This is why you don't need a serial number to download it.

Our latest version is 2.10d, if you have an older version and wish to download the latest one please contact our Support Department and they will send you a link to download the update.

Hope this helps.

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