PDF Converter - from Win98 to XP

The Amyuni PDF Converter is our Printer Driver that enables you to convert any documents to PDF format. If you have any questions about installing and using the Amyuni PDF Converter please post them here.
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PDF Converter - from Win98 to XP

Post by ThomasLynn » Sun Oct 13 2002

I just upgrade from Win98 to XP - is there a pdf converter for XP? I had the Amyuni converter for Win98 and it worked great (after some adjustments), and would like to get the same product, but for XP.


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Post by Joan » Mon Oct 14 2002

Yes there is a version of the PDF Converter for Windows XP.

You may upgrade your current license to a multiplatform license that covers Windows XP.

You can purchase the upgrade online at: http://www.amyuni.com/en/buy/index.php

For further information about upgrades please contact sales@amyuni.com

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