Amyuni installation error 1802

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Amyuni installation error 1802

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Amyuni installation error on one of test machines (Win7 64 bit Eng), when installing mulptiple (3) printers using Install.exe and install.ini where Printername= are named like "Company Pdf appname1", "Company Pdf appname2", "Company Pdf". Previously same 3 printers were installed using Amyuni
Last pdf driver installation raises error
Printer setup failed
Error code: 1802
Printer already exist

We'd already uninstall old printers (install -u) and remove every registry mark onf amyuni printers from windows registry, but old amyuni dll's have not been deleted from hard drive.
What could be root cause for this 1802 error ?
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Re: Amyuni installation error 1802

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The most common cause for error 1802 is that you still have a print job in the printer's queue. In this case, the printer cannot be re-installed until the remaining print job is deleted. If you are not able to delete the job, you can either restart the priknt spooler or kill the splwow64.exe process.
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