Error Code -20 PDF Converter 3.03

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Error Code -20 PDF Converter 3.03

Postby Luey on Wed Mar 09 2011


I'm using the software SBS Lohn. This software is using the Amyuni PDF Converter (Version 3.03) to convert analyses into PDF.

I installed the converter successfully on a Server and connected my workstation with this "PDF Printer". When I now try to use it with SBS Lohn I got the following error message:

Activation Error
Printer not activated, error code -20

I already read some tips here at the boards and set all the user rights so everyone should use the "PDF Printer" without problem, but the error message keep on showing up.

Maybe someone has another hint for me?

The Workstation ist using Win7 64bit.
The Server is a fileserver with Win7 (I think it's also 64bit).

If it's a problem with the activation code, I think I have to contact the helpdesk from SBS Lohn cause the converter is licensed to them, am I right?
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Re: Error Code -20 PDF Converter 3.03

Postby Devteam on Thu Mar 24 2011

You can follow the instructions in this post to try to resolve the issue:

If this doesn't work, you should obtain support from the developers of the application or open a single incident support ticket with our support team (there is a fee for that...)
Amyuni Development Team

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