2003 Server BSOD when running converter

The Amyuni PDF Converter is our Printer Driver that enables you to convert any documents to PDF format. If you have any questions about installing and using the Amyuni PDF Converter please post them here.
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2003 Server BSOD when running converter

Post by clinton » Tue Jun 10 2003

When the converter tries to do its whoohar, the server blue screens and throughs up an error saying that "acpdf203.dll" cause some error and will do a memory dump. I believe this could be fixed by a policy somewhere, but i am yet to find it. This is only happening on a 2003 server with active directory installed. My other temp 2003 server works fine with this software. Can anyone assist me with this? Am i heading in the wrong direction with the fix?
Thank you in advance.

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Post by Joan » Mon Jun 16 2003


Version 2.03 of the driver is a little bit old. Please try to download an update to version 2.09 from: http://www.amyuni.com/en/support/updates.html

The PDF Converter installs an works properly under 2003, please check if you have adminstrative rights when trying to install the driver.

If you are still facing problems please contact our Support Department support@amyuni.com

Hope this helps.

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