DocDigitalSignature failed with error -1099

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DocDigitalSignature failed with error -1099

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DocDigitalSignature failed with error -1099.
I have read the forum topics but they cannot solve my problem.

I've read there is a application digisign_test.exe, which can check the available certificates. Who can i get it?

I've checked the points David posted on July 2009.
1 - Your Digital Signature is valid for signing documents. This is indicated in the properties of the certificate under "Key usage"
-> Yes. And it is possible to sign the document with Acrobat Professional.

2 - The Digital Signature type should be of PPKMS digital signature type.
-> Who can check this?

3 - The Digital certificate is stored in the "My" or "Personal" store.
-> Yes it is.

4 - In your sample code are you passing the correct license and activation code to the SetLicenseKey()?
-> Yes. DocEncrypt128A is working fine.

Furthermore I've checked the PDF producer: Amyuni PDF Converter version

I hope somebody can help me.
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