The Amyuni PDF Converter is our Printer Driver that enables you to convert any documents to PDF format. If you have any questions about installing and using the Amyuni PDF Converter please post them here.
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Post by cliffeh » Thu Nov 04 2010

We use Amyuni for several products in our product line. We're finding an issue, though, when we install updates.

For instance, Product A uses version of the Amyuni driver.
Then, when we release an update to Product B, it might use Amyuni version

Trouble is, after this update, Product A is unable to generate PDFs. The only workaround is to uninstall, then reinstall Product A.

I'm not sure what other information you would need - we use separate print devices for each product, so there will be a "Product A PDF Writer" and a "Product B PDF Writer". I'm just wondering, though, what's the proper way to do this. We need to upgrade the driver and have all existing print devices use that driver.

A related issue is that we seem to have the same problem with QuickBooks, which I gather uses Amyuni as well. Users will install QB, which breaks PDF generation in our product, or they'll install our product and break PDFs from QB.

Any help would be appreciated.

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