SetWatermark options in v4.5

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SetWatermark options in v4.5

Post by Theta » Wed Nov 03 2010

Just updated from v4.0 to v4.5 and have noticed some differences with the behaviour of SetWatermark, Namely orientation where previously I used a value of 900 to place the watermark vertically down the page, now in v4.5 the value of 900 is placing the watermark vertically UP the page, so now I have to use -900.

It also seems like how you interpret the font size of the watermark has been modified slightly, seems now it is being interpreted one or two sizes larger then in v4.0.

Are these intended changes?? I have looked but have been unable to locate your release notes

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Re: SetWatermark options in v4.5

Post by zaksoft » Wed Dec 08 2010

I have the same problem (instead of writing a watermark from lower right corner to upper it disappear with few chars - and only for small gap I use)

I've downloaded today latest drivers, problem is still present

Can you please tell us if you will correct the problem or we need to change all orientations based on library version ?

Davide Zaccanti

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