Print spooler service hanging

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Print spooler service hanging

Post by Jim » Wed Oct 27 2010

We are using Amyuni PDF Converter version 3.03 running on a Windows 2003 Server 64 bit enviornment. We are printing to Amyuni from a background service that converts thousands of documents per day. Every couple of weeks or so, the printing to Amyuni just stops, and the background service hangs waiting for the print job to finish. We have found the only way to get it to print again is to restart the Windows Print Spooler service. After that restarts, everything is fine again until the next time it happens. We have five production servers running this process, and the problem has so far only occurred on one of the servers.

We have configured the printer for 64 bit operating system per Amyuni's instructions. This includes using a NULL: printer port, and disabling the advanced printing features in the printer properties. We current have the printer set to spool print documents and start printing immediately. I have read some suggestions on changing this to start printing after the last page has spooled.

I'm reluctant to change this in a production enviornment for fear that it might make the problem worse, or negatively impact performance. Especially since the problem seems limited to the one server. So far we have been unable to reproduce this problem in any test environment.

I'm curious if others have had this problem, and if so, were you able to resolve it? Also, I would like to know what Amyuni's recommendation is for these printer settings.

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Re: Print spooler service hanging

Post by sprezzatura » Mon Nov 01 2010

We converted from Amyuni 3 to Amyuni 4 and a lot of our problems went away.

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