256-bit AES encryption

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256-bit AES encryption

Post by TDWiseley » Tue Aug 24 2010

Do you plan on including 256-bit AES encryption as an option in the near future?

Tom Wiseley

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Re: 256-bit AES encryption [FIXED]

Post by Jose » Thu Sep 16 2010

UPDATED March 24, 2011

Version 4.5 now includes support for AES encryption and decryption. Due to the export restrictions mentioned below, AES-256 encryption has to be specifically enabled through a license key for customers having signed a declaration of export compliance.


We have no plans to add 256bit encryption to our regular products because this encryption level will introduce our products US export restrictions.

Exporting cryptographic software using key lengths greater than 64-bits is restricted to certain countries. I believe that if you add 256bit encryption to your application, your application will also fall into these export restrictions.

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