Printing with .NET is slow

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Printing with .NET is slow

Post by floele » Fri Aug 20 2010


I'm using of the Amyuni PDF Converter, on Win7 x64. I'm printing a document of 3 pages to the PDF printer using C#/.NET 2.0, but it is very slow (10 seconds).
I wonder why that is, because both a print preview (with PrintPreviewDialog) of the document and printing a document with the same printer using a different component of my application (written in C++) is much faster.

The code for printing is basically this:

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        public void PrintDocumentToPdf(PrintDocument document, string filename)
            DriverInit (this.m_sPDFDriverName);
            SetDefaultFileName (this.m_iPrinterHnd, filename);
            SetFileNameOptions (this.m_iPrinterHnd, FileNameOption.NoPrompt | FileNameOption.UseFileName );
            document.PrintController = new StandardPrintController();
            document.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = this.m_sPDFDriverName;
Looking for differences between the C# and C++ way of doing things, I noticed that the C# version results in a file with PDF version 1.3, and the C++ version outputs 1.4. Could that be a speed difference? And if so, how do I set the PDF version option? Couldn't find anything in the docs.


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