Xmlite.dll and Snagit Conflict in Version 4.01.1

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Xmlite.dll and Snagit Conflict in Version 4.01.1

Post by VictorReinhart » Tue Jun 01 2010

We use Amyuni PDF Converter version We have had these problems on multiple computers (including our customers) running Windows XP and Windows 7 64-bit:

The computer already had Snagit installed. Snagit already installed its own version of xmlite.dll.

Error 1: xmlite.dll is being used
Error 2: xmlite.dll could not be found

We have written a batch file to automate the instructions we received to manually un-install Amyuni PDF Converter. However, we are unable to un-install xmlite.dll since it is continually "in use" - apparently by Snagit.

Please help. We have never had a problem with Amyuni in the past - possibly because past versions didn't use common DLLs. Now we seem to be in "dll hell".

Victor Reinhart
Victor Reinhart
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Re: Xmlite.dll and Snagit Conflict in Version 4.01.1

Post by Devteam » Sun Jul 04 2010

Xmllite is optional with PDF Converter. It is only used if you are importing XPS documents using the Open method of CDIntfEx.Document. If you are not using this feature, we suggest that you do not include Xmllite with your installation. If you are using this feature, then you can copy Xmllite to your application folder rather than to the system folder.
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