Error Codes

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Error Codes

Post by lump10670 » Mon Apr 19 2010

Does anyone have a list of all error codes and what they mean?

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Re: Error Codes

Post by Jose » Tue Jun 15 2010


Hope this helps?

Error code -20:
This is typically generated when the PDF Converter can not verify the “activation code” value used in the EnablePrinter() function in the system registry. This is usually associated to an issue with user permissions.

Error code -22:
This error message will get generated if the “License to” value used in the EnablePrinter() function is not correct.

Error code -30:
1- This warning message will be generated with printing to a developer edition of the PDF Converter which has not been enabled or timed-out.
2- This message is also generated each time a user tries to access the PDF Converter’s printer UI in the control panel.

Error code -40:
This message is generated with trying to activate the PDF Converter with licensing information that does not have the platform the printer is installed on enabled.
Ex: Some earlier licence codes did not have 64bit versions of the PDF Converter enabled.

Error code -41:
The “error code -41” is generated when calling the EnablePrinter() function with activation information from a previous version of the PDF Converter.

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