Transparent images printing black color

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Transparent images printing black color

Post by Sobhang » Wed Mar 03 2010


Amyuni PDF converter shows the transparent images(gif) in black color. Please tell us how to fix this? We are using pdf converter version 4.0 in our visual basic 6.0 program.

The converted pdf which shows the imagein black color. The original image is in Red color.

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Re: Transparent images printing black color

Post by Devteam » Fri Mar 19 2010

The problem with transparencies comes from the fact that PDF Converter is similar to Postscript printers but is not really a Postscript printer. So it is in between two worlds: raster printer (e.g. PCL) and Postscript.

The "fix" for transparent gifs is different depending on the application from which you are printing. From most applications, you can fix th issue by setting the Postscript Simulation option in PDF Converter. This works wll with MS Office applications for example. It basically tricks the application into changing the rendering instructions so that they are compatible with PDF and PS printers. This option can be set either from the Advanced tab or programmatically through the API. Both options are described in our documentation.

Some applications are also capable of sending gif ad png images directly to the printer without going through the Windows GDI layer. Starting with PDF Converter, we added support for PNG images that have a transparency or alpha channel. So outputting this type of images became more accurate efficient. So the "fix" might be in updating to the latest printer driver that is now on our web site.

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