Word 2000 tables

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Word 2000 tables

Post by hbueno » Wed Jun 04 2003

I've bumped into an interesting issue/problem/feature. We have a 7 page Word 2000 document - it always prints as 7 pages on an HP laser printer and when using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. When generating the PDF with PDF Converter, the document comes out with 8 pages.

The seventh page of the document has a table that fills the whole page (the end of the table is right at the bottom margin). When I print to Amyuni PDF Converter, the document suddenly sprouts an 8th page. When comparing the printed pages, I see that PDF Converter makes the table longer which forces the page to be longer..

My problem is that now my people want to buy 20 copies of Acrobat because PDF Converter does not produce the same output.

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Post by Joan » Thu Jun 05 2003


I guess you sent this issue to our support, right? They will check this more closely and will get back to you.

Also please note that in such situations, it will be a good idea to try the margins of the PDF Printer to 0


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