Concatenate option not working with encryption

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Concatenate option not working with encryption

Post by JRH » Tue Mar 02 2010

Since upgrading to version 4.0, the concatenate option no longer works when encrypting the PDF. The following VB6 pseudo-code has worked for all versions until 4.0, but now results in a PDF that can't be opened. What changed? Thanks.

Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set PdfApp = CreateObject("CDIntfEx.Document.4")

PdfApp.DriverInit("ADW PDF")

PdfOptions = (&H1) ' NoPrompt
PdfOptions = PdfOptions + (&H2) ' Use file name in DefaultFileName
PdfOptions = PdfOptions + (&H100) ' 40bit

Permissions = -64
Permissions = Permissions + 4

mPdfApp.OwnerPassword = PasswordOwner
mPdfApp.UserPassword = PasswordUser
mPdfApp.Permissions = Permissions

Call PdfApp.SetDefaultConfig

PdfApp.FileNameOptionsEx = PdfOptions
PdfApp.DefaultFileName = FileNameOutput

Call PdfApp.EnablePrinter(Company, CompanyCode)
Call PdfApp.CaptureEvents(True)

DocIdx = 0
For Each FileName In FileNameInput
DocIdx = DocIdx + 1

If (DocIdx > 1) Then
PdfApp.FileNameOptionsEx = PdfOptions + (&H4) ' Concatenate output
End If

Call PdfApp.EnablePrinter(Company, CompanyCode)

WordApp.Wordbasic.FilePrintSetup Printer:="ADW PDF", DoNotSetAsSysDefault:=1
Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(FileName, False, True)
WordDoc.PrintOut Copies:=Copies
Next FileName

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