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font question

Post by hbueno » Tue Jun 03 2003

When printing to PDF Converter from Word 2000, should the resulting PDF have exactly the same fonts and pagination as shown on the print preview?

The reason I ask is that I have a document that uses Lucida Sans Unicode (Truetype) in which the resulting PDF does not have bold and italicized words like in the original document. Before printing, I selected the options to enable font embedding.

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Post by Joan » Wed Jun 04 2003


Yes it should have the same pagination if there is no difference between the margins used by the driver and the ones used by your document.

Font Embedding is needed if you want to view the pdf file on another machine where the used font is not available.

In the case of 'Lucida Sans Unicode' you will get better results if you convert the file without using any font embedding option.

Hope this helps.

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