Sporadic Printer not activated, error code -30

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Sporadic Printer not activated, error code -30

Post by Jim » Thu Oct 22 2009

We are using Amyuni PDF Converter version 3.03 from a service running under Windows 2003 Server 64 bit. We have done all the necessary setup needed to run under 64 bit OS (NUL: local port and disable advanced printing features). Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally we receive the error code -30.

Our code is set to print immediately after activating the printer, and according to the event viewer, the document usually completes printing within a second or two after activating the printer. But when the -30 error occurs, it happens 20-30 seconds after the last printer activation call. It seems like it is timing out for some reason. Because this is running on a server, the service basically hangs waiting for someone to click OK on the error message. At that point someone needs to log onto the server console to clear the message before printing can resume.

Are you aware of anything that can cause this sporadic timeout behavior? This is starting to impact our customer's production system performance. Please advise.

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Re: Sporadic Printer not activated, error code -30

Post by Devteam » Sat Oct 31 2009

We have a couple of solutions to this issue. The first is to send you an activation code that does not time out but is locked to you specific executable. You will need to send your executable name to support@amyuni.com and ask them for an alternative code.

Another solution is to provide you with an activation code with extended timeout. It is possible that your application is doing some long processing between the time the EnablePrinter is called and the time printing really started, in which case you will receive a timeout error.

In all cases, you can configure the printer not to show the error message which requires manual intervention. This can be done by setting the following two printer parameters:
PDF.PrinterParamStr("Activation Error Title") = ""
PDF.PrinterParamStr("Activation Error Text") = ""
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Re: Sporadic Printer not activated, error code -30

Post by stujoe01 » Mon Jul 19 2010

Here's how I fixed the dreaded "Printer not Activated, error code -30."

In the print driver for the Amyuni driver, advanced tab, rather than Print directly to the printer I chose Start printing after last page is spooled.

So far, no more issues. The amyuni driver was bundled with another piece of software and they software providers weren't able to support the issue.

Finally, Amyuni stepped up and created this forum and after I found the inconsistent error code 30 issue dealt with timeouts . . . I figured spooling completely to the printer first, then let the spooler spool the job to the printer would be quicker.

So far, no more issues. Before, when these issues would arise, I would have to re-image Production systems . . . a costly expense.

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