error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

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error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by vexta » Mon Sep 21 2009


I installed version 4.0 with install.exe and install.ini (provides the Pintername, Licensee and Liccode)
In our application I call the EnablePrinter-Method with the correct new activation-code.

Before each printing call the enableprinter-Method is called and returns "1".
With each call I get the error code 41.

If I start the application with admin option error code turns to 30.

Back to starting the application with no admin-option I copied the files
into the application directory and now (without admin option) I get the error code 30.
It cannot be a timeout because the enableprinter ist right befor the print command.

What do I have to do?

Regards Silke

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Re: error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by Maestro » Wed Sep 30 2009


I have the same behavior after installing an upgrade from version 3 to version 4 of the amnyuni pdf printer driver.
I have installed it with install.exe -s and install.ini (provides the Pintername, Licensee and Liccode).
Indeed, the program has benn modyfied to use the new activation code.
After rebooting the computer, for most of users, the error 41 has disappeared!!
Is there any reason for having to reboot in order to use the latest release of the printer driver?
Is there an other way to install the printer driver?
For the moment, in our installation program, we check the file cdintf400.dll in the windows\system32\folder and if it is not present, we start the install.exe program in silent mode. With previous upgrades (ex 2.5 to 3), we did not saw any problem like this!



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Re: error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by albgio » Fri Oct 09 2009

I also have a trouble like this but it's slightly different. I clear every prev pdf printer version from my computer and installed ver in silent mode as usually with our installation process. I also changed our program to agree with new activation code. On Windows 7, after a reboot, everything works fine. On XP I always get printer error -30 - it happens immediately, so can't be timeout... How can I fix this?!
Thanks in advance

SOLVED: This problem was because of older version of cdintf.dll in my Windows\System32 folder.

Ger van der Kamp
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Re: error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by Ger van der Kamp » Wed Dec 02 2009

We are getting the -41 error on Windows 7 64-bit systems as well. The Amyuni Converter ( is installed using the install.exe with an ini file. A reboot after the install does not fix this problem. We have to try to use the converter once, get the error, and then reboot to get it working.

This is on a german version of windows 7. We fix the rights on the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current\Software\<printer name> in our setup software. Why do we need to try and use the converter once, and then reboot, to get it working?

Amyuni Team
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Re: error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by Jose » Wed Feb 17 2010


In the current version of the Amyuni PDF Converter (v4.0.8) on our Website there is an issue with installing the PDF Converter on non English systems.

The PDF Converter driver functions be reading and writing printer settings to the registry. All users of the PDF Converter must have at least read/write privileges to the "HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\<Printer Name>" and "HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software" keys in the registry and if the user does not have access the conversion process will fail.

After installing the PDF Converter the user will need to explicitly give the “Everyone” group access to these keys on non English systems.

We have resolved this in v4.0.10 of the PDF Converter.

This version is currently going through Microsoft certification and should available for download in the coming weeks.

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Re: error code 30 or 41 with 4.0 and XP or Windows 7

Post by zaksoft » Thu Mar 18 2010


if 2 dll's are incompatible NAME IT DIFFERENTLY

( MFC40.DLL nightmare has been forgotten ?)

If CDINTF400.DLL coming from cannot be used with version and name it CDINTF401.DLL on install...

As far as I know a newer version of a DLL with same name MUST BE compatible with previous version and used to fix problem...

Thank you
Davide Zaccanti

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