SearchText function not described in Developer's Manual

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SearchText function not described in Developer's Manual

Post by jpb » Mon Jun 02 2003

Although a function called SearchText is listed in the Developer's Manual, I can not find where it is defined. Any help would be appreciated.

PS this is my second attempt to post this topic...

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Post by Joan » Tue Jun 03 2003


This topic is posted once to the forum so it seems the first you were trying to post there was some problems with the server.

We will check this issue with our technical writer and will include documentation about this function when updating the manual.

This function searches for a specific text in a pdf file and returns it location: page number, X postion and Y postion.

Please find here a VB sample on using the SearchText funcion:
Private Sub Command11_Click()

Dim pdfdoc3 As New CDIntfEx.Document

Dim pageNb As Long
Dim Page As Long
Dim xPos As Double
Dim yPos As Double

pdfdoc3.Open "C:\Temp\Test.pdf"

Page = pdfdoc3.SearchText(0, "SetDefaultFileName", pageNb, xPos, yPos)

End If

End Sub
Hope this helps.

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