PDF Converter "hangs" on SetDefaultConfig

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Will Nitschke
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PDF Converter "hangs" on SetDefaultConfig

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We've using version 3.00. Have been including it with our software for many years. Users sometimes can't make it work but about 99% of the time it runs OK. Now this is a strange situation for me. I have loaded up a new server running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. I've had PDF Printer Driver running fine on this configuration before and of course, at many many sites as part of our distribution. No software has changed. Our software runs fine on XP and Server 2003 up until it was installed on *this* particular machine. Which as I said, is a newly set-up machine. Everything seems to work fine until the call to SetDefaultConfig() then the app locks "solid". It doesn't matter if I wait 1 minute or 1 hour, once the app locks up it stays that way.

Now this new box is my main development machine yet I can't get it to work with Amyuni Converter. I would really like to stick with this product, but once I hit problems with it, I am usually left helpless with no way to fix my own problem or that of my users. Problems are rare, but when they do happen, there is usually no solution.

Is there any troubleshooting advice available on how to fix a problem such as this?

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Re: PDF Converter "hangs" on SetDefaultConfig

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The SetDefaultConfig method posts a Windows message to all running applications, including the application that calls this function, to notify the applications that the printer settings have changed. The notification can take a few seconds if there are a number of applications running.

SetDefaultConfigEx does the same as SetDefaultConfig but without the notification to all applications. It can be useful when modifying the printer settings when installing the application or before the application is launched.

Changing to SetDefaultConfigEx should resolve the issue that you are encountering.

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