How to set the permissions in

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How to set the permissions in

Post by kwancs » Thu May 29 2003

when i try to use the permissions property for common driver interface control, i fail to set the permissions to enable print only. i am now using evaluation copy for testing.

Dim PDFWeb As CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx
PDFWeb = New CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx()
PDFWeb.Permissions = -60
PDFWeb.FileNameOptionsEx = &H1 + &H2 + &H10 + &H100

the pdf generated is unable to print, pls advice. thanks!

moreover, where can i find the document about using common driver interface control in there is lot of properties and functions, but it is quite hard for me to handle it without document. thanks a lot!

besides, is it possible to disable save for the pdf generated by amyuni.

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Post by Jose » Mon Jun 02 2003


The situation you are encountering is related to an issue with the version of the PDF Converter you are using. If you are using the demo version please download an updated version or you are a registered customer then download a new version from the link included in the email sent to you with your activation code.

You do not have VB.Net specific documentation but the on page 69 and up of the "Common Driver Interface210.pdf" we do provide function definitions for the PDF Converter.

If you are still encountering problems please contact and we can assist you further.


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