Version 4.0 PDF Documentation

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Version 4.0 PDF Documentation

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1) Just downloaded version 4.0 and was browsing the on-line help. I am preparing to foward to my developer who doesn't always have a full-time internet connection and wanted to download a PDF of the Documentation, but could not find it. Can you tell me where this is available?

2) Is there an overview or step-by-step in the documentation on what must be done to update an application if we are moving from the version 3.0 driver to the verison 4.0 driver? (e.g., during version 3 use, once coded into our app, we would just update our redistributed file along with the latest driver version and no coding changes were required. Not clear what changes will be needed when we move from a version 3.0 to version 4 driver). In case it matters, our application is in VB6.

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Re: Version 4.0 PDF Documentation

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1) A downloadabale version of the v4.0 documentation is currently not available. However, our Technical writer is in the process of updating it and it should be available within the next few weeks.

2) The Amyuni products are backward compatible and all prior functions and methods should function when upgrading to a new version. To upgrade to a new version you need to make sure your application is pointing to the version 4 references and you aslo need to update the license and activation codes in your application.

Hope that helps?
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