Trouble on 64-bit

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Trouble on 64-bit

Post by oalbrecht » Mon Mar 02 2009

i'm using the latest 3.03 Version (from jan 2009) under Vista Ultimate 64-bit German SP 1.
Our sales rep has confirmed that we are having a valid activation code for 64-bit use.

I've made a simple Delphi testprogramm to print a rtf into a pdf. As soon as i hit the
print button the application hangs. If i kill the app via taskmanager i get an error -40
before the application ends. On a 32-bit system everything works as expected.

I've also build a little dotnet-app (compiled as X86-32bit only using com-interop) which also prints out a pdf.
This little app generates immediately an error -40 followed by a Win32Exception:
"Der an einen Systemaufruf übergebene Datenbereich ist zu klein". After some googling i've
found out that this is the german translation for the Api error 122 ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER:
"The data area passed to a system call is too small". This prog also works under a 32-bit system
without any problems.

I've tried several combinations of ports and spooler settings in the driver settings but nothing works.

What should i do?

kind regards

Oliver Albrecht

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Re: Trouble on 64-bit

Post by Joan » Wed Mar 04 2009


To use version 3.0 under 64-bits you need to manually create a port called NUL: and attach the PDF Printer to it. This should be done once when installing the PDF Printer.

This is resolved in our latest version 3.03e that creates the port automatically as part of the installation process and attach the printer to it.

Hope this helps.
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