installing install.exe

The Amyuni PDF Converter is our Printer Driver that enables you to convert any documents to PDF format. If you have any questions about installing and using the Amyuni PDF Converter please post them here.
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installing install.exe

Post by tedsung » Thu Oct 10 2002

In our applications installation procedure (using InstallShield), we try to install the PDF Converter's install.exe. We suddenly get a message
from the installer saying some file is not marked for installation.
This occurs with Windows 2000. This is admittedly vague
but we have not been able to reproduce our client's problem
so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. It may not
even be PDF Converter's but it's the only thing that has changed
in our installation.

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Post by Joan » Mon Oct 14 2002

Please check the following:

1 - That you have the right version of the PDF Converter for Windows 2000

2 - That all the needed files of the PDF Converter are in the same folder as your application (For more information please check 'Distribs.pdf' that you received with the product).

3 - That you are logging in to Windows 2000 as Administrator when running the installation procedure.

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