Different results printing from VB6 and C#

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Different results printing from VB6 and C#

Post by BillMunro » Tue Jan 27 2009

We are converting our VB6 App to C#. In both cases we print PDFs using Amyuni Converter 3.0.2 and results are pretty close. But we notice these differences, in order of importance:

1. C# file sizes are larger, often twice as big.
2. Kerning is slightly different...a bit more spaced out when printing from C#.
3. larger font sizes (e.g 26 point Times New Roman) sometimes seem heavier and render poorly from C# compared to VB6.

The settngs for the two apps are both the same (resolution=1200, no font embedding, no image compression, 'ImageNoDuplicates'...) except that in the C# app we are setting SetSimPostscript true to get Wngdings characters to render properly (though not well). Setting SetSimPostscript one way or the other does not affect the issues listed above. Also, in both cases we are calling the DLL.

These differences are significant for us; we'll appreciate any suggestions you can give us to eliminate them.


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Re: Different results printing from VB6 and C#

Post by Joan » Fri Feb 06 2009


The PDF file size depends 100% on what/how you are printing and not on the programming language used to call our dll.

The difference might be that you are using different components to display text and print them.

Please send us the file being printed + 2 different output files: one from VB app and the other from C# app to support@amyuni.com so our develoers can check them. (Please make sure you set “page content compression” to OFF while generating the files)

Please make sure that you are using both apps on the same machine, since this makes a difference if the other machine does not have the font or have a different OS or maybe different office versions ect....
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