PDF Converter blocked under Windows 2008 Terminal Server 64

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PDF Converter blocked under Windows 2008 Terminal Server 64

Post by Onaya » Tue Jan 06 2009

We are using the PDF converter Version 3.03 in the applications we are distributing, which has been working perfectly until now, under different Microsoft OS (W2K, Windows XP,…).
But it’s not working with Windows 2008 Terminal Server 64 Bits :
The application stays blocked in the printing job.

As advised in a post of this forum, I created my own printer port (NUL), and configure PDF Converter to use this new port.
But it didn't help and the problem remains the same.

The application is developped in C++, using MFC .
I have been tracing the execution and I get the following result :

- OnPreparePrinting
- OnBeginPrinting
- BLOCKED !!! and never reach OnPrint !

Could anybody help ?

Patrick MITTON

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Re: PDF Converter blocked under Windows 2008 Terminal Server 64

Post by David » Wed Jan 07 2009


Under 64bit OSs there a couple of things you need to verify.

1) You will need to set the destination file name from the PDF Converter SetDefaultFileName() and not in the DocInfo() struct.

//locDocInfo.lpszOutput = NULL;
locDocInfo.lpszDocName = (LPSTR)pssDestination;

2) You need to make sure that the PDF Converter has been properly installed. There is an issue with 64bit Windows that occasionally occurs when installing the printer. It needs to use a specific port.
Create a local port called NUL: and attach the printer to it (as mentioned in your earlier post). The ":" should also be included in the name.

2) We have also found that on some systems, creating a local port will cause a temporary file to be created in the windows\system32 directory when printing (**This is in very rare cases**). This can also cause a issue similar to the one you are encountering when the users do not have access to the windows\system32 directory. Can you give your users read/write access to this directory and let me know if you are able to print when they have access?

Hope that helps?
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