Font embedding in PDF Converter

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Font embedding in PDF Converter

Post by yishai » Thu Oct 10 2002

I am using the developer version of PDF Converter (2.0.6) on a Won 2000 box. May application sets everything and creates the PDF file. It looks OK on screen, but when printed results are mixed.

If printed (from Acrobat) from the local machine, sometimes it looks okay and sometimes I get squares instead of characters.

If printed from a Mac (with Acrobat), I get squares.

The font used is Veranda and the following font embedding options are set:
EmbedFonts + EmbedStandardFonts + EmbedLicensedFonts + FullEmbed

Any ideas for:
1. What can be the problem?
2. What is the right way to set font embedding so fonts will be always full embedded and the document will print the same regardless where it is printed from?

Any help will be appreciated.



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Post by Joan » Mon Oct 14 2002

Please try to set the font embedding option as follows:
FontEmbed + FullEmbed

If the Characters you are using are unicode, please add MultiLanguage support to the FileNameOptions.

If this didn't help please send a sample of your document to

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