Amyuni/Netware problem

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Amyuni/Netware problem

Post by jfs685 » Fri Feb 22 2008

I have an application written in FoxPro VFP 6.0 that creates reports that are output first as and Excel spreadsheet and then as a PDF document using Amyuni PDF Converter. The application resolves the network mapped drive and root path at runtime to build a specified drive/filepath/name (.XLS and .PDF) to be passed to the Amyuni objects.

The application runs from both in Vista Ultimate and XP Pro workstations on our Windows server.

When we run the application on our clients site, the Excel spreadsheet is generated but not the PDF. The client is setup on a Novell Netware 6.5 network. Neither the Vista or XP workstations will produce a PDF file, just the Excel file is created on the network.

The Client copied the application (sub-dir structure and files) down to the local C: harddrive on a Vista workstation and it works just fine! Client is running Vista Business version.

The client has also copied the application over to a Windows test server and it works there.

We appear to have eliminated the installation and permission problems related to Vista and it would seem its come down to the Amyuni/Netware interface. Has anyone experienced this problem?


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