SetPixel (), BitBlt () problems with windows 9x

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SetPixel (), BitBlt () problems with windows 9x

Post by tiagog » Tue May 06 2003


I'm using a developer PDF converter license to create PDFs from DWG files from a visual c++ application, using the COM interface (CDINTF.DLL). What I'm doing is initializing the driver (DriverInit ()) and getting a DC from it (CreateDC ()). Then I create a memory only DC and render my drawing on it (a simplified version of my code is shown below). Only after the rendering I start my printing job and copy the contents of my memory DC to the printers DC, using StretchDIBits () (first I have to convert my DDB to a DIB).
Well, this works fine for printing files in Windows 95 through XP, with any printer that I tested so far. The only problem I'm having is with generating PDFs on Windows 95/98 machines: I get a huge PDF file with nothing in it, just a blank page, and acrobat just reports something like "insuficient data to display" (my messages are in portuguese). The PDF generations works just fine in Windows NT/2000/XP.
I made a simple test in witch I just get a DC to the PDF printer and do some SetPixel () calls, and the same problem happens, again just in windows 9x. I tested this with PDF Converter versions 1.39 and 2.07, same problem. Below is my code just to illustrate:

Code: Select all


ICDIntfPtr ptrPdf;
HRESULT hr = ptrPdf.CreateInstance (__uuidof (CDIntf));
if (FAILED(hr))
ptrPdf->DriverInit ("PDF Compatible Printer Driver") ;

HDC dc = (HDC)ptrPdf->CreateDC (); //ptrPdf was initialized before
CDC dcPrint;
CRect rect;

CalculatePrintArea (rect); 

dcPrint.CreateCompatibleDC (CDC::FromHandle (dc));
CBitmap bitmap;
bitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap (CDC::FromHandle (dcPrint), rect.Width (), rect.Height  ());	
dcPrint.SelectObject (&bitmap);
SetBkColor (dcPrint, RGB (255,255,255));		
RenderDWGFile (myfile, dcPrint.m_hDC); 
StartDoc(dc, &di);    
CPalette pal;
HANDLE hDIB = DDBToDIB ((HBITMAP)bitmap.GetSafeHandle (), BI_RGB, (HPALETTE)pal.GetSafeHandle ());
if (GetDeviceCaps (dc, RASTERCAPS) & RC_BITBLT)
        SetBkColor (dc, RGB(255,255,255));
        SetTextColor (dc, RGB(0,0,0));

	int nColors = lpbi->biClrUsed ? lpbi->biClrUsed : 1 <<     lpbi->biBitCount;
	if( bmInfo.bmiHeader.biBitCount > 8 )
		lpDIBBits = (LPVOID)((LPDWORD)(bmInfo.bmiColors +   bmInfo.bmiHeader.biClrUsed) + ((bmInfo.bmiHeader.biCompression == BI_BITFIELDS) ? 3 : 0));
		lpDIBBits = (LPVOID)(bmInfo.bmiColors + nColors);
    StretchDIBits(dc,				// hDC
			0,							// DestX
			0,							// DestY
			rect.Width (),			// nDestWidth
			rect.Height (),						// nDestHeight
			0,				// SrcX
			0,	// SrcY
			rect.Width (),			// wSrcWidth
			rect.Height (),						// wSrcHeight
			lpDIBBits,					// lpBits
			&bmInfo,					// lpBitsInfo
			DIB_RGB_COLORS,				// wUsage
			SRCCOPY);					// dwROP

    EndPage (dc);

Is this a bug with PDF Converter? Any suggestions / feedback appreciated,


Tiago Gehring

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