EndDocPost JobID problem

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EndDocPost JobID problem

Post by carlopug » Tue May 06 2003


I'm using 2.10 pro dev with VB6 on Win2000 Pro.

I write an application to capture print output from any windows applications using DriverInit ("Amyuni PDF Converter") and enabling printer on EnabledPre event.

When I start to print a large MSWord document (so I've the time to make print from other application) I get a jobid from StartDocPost event (i.e. 40).

Meanwhile (MSWord print job doen't finish) I launch another print job from Internet Explorer. StartDocPost and EndDocPost give me the next jobid (i.e. 41).

When Word finish its print job, EndDocPost return last jobid (i.e. 41, used by Internet Explorer) that isn't the jobid of MSWord print (i.e. 40).

I must use the jobid returned by events to create a monitoring application.

Sorry for my bad english!

Thanks in advance,

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EndDocPost JobID problem

Post by Dany » Thu May 08 2003

You usually get this kind of problems if you're printing MS Word documents in the background. The EndDoc event is generated in this case well before the printing is finished.

You will need to remove background printing in MS Word...

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