Calls to StartDoc failing with PDF Converter 3.02

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Calls to StartDoc failing with PDF Converter 3.02

Post by kschmidt » Fri Jan 18 2008

I'm trying to upgrade our PDF drivers from 2.51 (which work currently) to 3.02 and am having some problems. Whenever I make a call to StartDoc in my app after selecting the Amyuni PDF printer, it is returning a -1. The printing code works with any other printer, and works with version 2.51 of the pdf driver.

The call to DriverInit returns successfully. During the call to StartDoc, the PDF printer is sending the DOCUMENTEVENT_ENABLEDPRE event and I am capturing that and calling EnablePrinter which returns successfully. I'm then returning DOCUMENTEVENT_SUCCESS, and I don't recieve any other messages from the printer at that point. StartDoc then returns with a -1.

After the call to DriverInit, I'm checking the version of the CDIntf and the printer driver. They both report back as 3.2, so it doesn't look like there's a mismatch of versions.

Is there something more that I need to do with 3.02 that I didn't with 2.51? What situations can cause the StartDoc to return -1 in 3.02 if it is initialized and enabled successfully? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

I'm doing this on my development box running XP SP2 and am running through a debugger in VS 2005 (SP1).


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