Client using IE 6.0 gets "Do You want to Save this file

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Client using IE 6.0 gets "Do You want to Save this file

Post by marvinhaagsma » Tue Dec 04 2007

Our Amyuni PDF Converter is printing dynamically created content from a JSP, and presenting it to a variety of clients, all of whom use IE6 or7. The filename ( in the browser's Address bar) is rut_raffle_certificate.jsp, with some arguments appended thereto. This works very well, for most
of our clients; however, a couple of clients do not see the PDF automatically in the browser: instead, they see a dialog box asking if they wish to save this file: if they SAVE it, it is saved as 'rut_raffle_certificate.jsp'; not as a PDF file at all.

I think this has something to do with IE settings, but I don't know what they might be.


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