not found the GetDocumentTitle in version 3

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not found the GetDocumentTitle in version 3

Post by theGhost_k8 » Wed May 16 2007


In old version 2.5,
dim cdi As CDIntfEx.CDIntfExClass = New CDIntfEx.CDIntfExClass
with this cdi object, we are getting the document title through cdi.GetDocumentTitle(JobID)

But if we are using the new version 3
Dim cdiNet As CDIntf.CDIntfControl = new CDIntf.CDIntfControl
with this cdiNet object. we are not able to get the document title
what is the function or procedure to get the document title?

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Post by Joan » Wed May 16 2007

This is not due to version difference, this is due to interface difference.

In the first example you are using CDintf.dll in the second example you are using CDIntfNet.dll

CDIntfNet.dll contains only the most important functions of CDIntf.dll and not all the functions. Exhaustive list of functions will be added to later versions of CDIntfNet.dll

Hope this helps.

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