Embedding jpegs into a PDF file

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Embedding jpegs into a PDF file

Post by yishai » Thu Apr 10 2003

I have jpeg files which I print with my app and generate pdf files using pdf converter, developer version.

Now, basically what the system does is to read the jpeg file, decode it, print it to the driver, which encodes it & writes it into the file.

With large files and many files, such as I have), there are few drawbacks to this process:
1. It consumes memory & time.
2. it degrades the quality of the image, as jpeg is a loosey compression.

Is there any postscript command / converter command that will allow me to bypass the printing of an image & just dump the file directly to the file. Something like:
PSCommand (top, left, bottom, right, "jpeg", jpeg_data)?

any other ideas on how to do that? Maybe the file be generated with "tags" that can than be replaced with the actual jpeg data? How can that be done?


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Post by Jose » Sat May 17 2003


You should be looking at our PDF Creator product. The product has the ability to programmatically insert image objects based on user defined XY coordinates into a new or existing PDF documents.


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