Quicken install causing error code -30 on my apps

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Quicken install causing error code -30 on my apps

Post by lthames » Thu Jan 12 2006

I installed a new version of quicken, which installed a version of pdf converter that is more recent than the one I am using in my development.

Now on my developing machine I cannot get the pdf converter to work in our apps. It still works on every other machine and at all of our customer sites but I can't test any pdf functionality.

I tried uninstalling the quicken pdf stuff, deleted the dll's from system32 and system32\spool\drivers\w32x86, uninstalled my pdf version, rebooted, reinstalled just my version using our install program that calls install.exe with the proper parameters, and nothing works.

I get a Printer not activated, error code -30 on the first print line.

I am sure I just don't have it installed properly but don't know how to get it back to a state where I can install it. Please help!

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Mon Jan 16 2006


Error -30 means that you are trying to print to the PDF Printer without activating it.

Most probably you had version 2.10 or older of the PDF Converter and Quicken 2006 installs version 2.50.

So on your machine you have the 2.50 driver.

But when running your code you are using a new driver from your application. This new driver requires a specific activation code to run as the activation code is not available in your application you are getting this issue.

The best solution is to unistall all versions of the PDF Converter from your system, i will include below a complete uninstall procedure.

Then after rebooting your system install your printer and then the Quicken application using two different names.

Hope this helps.
You can completely remove the old version from your system and install the new one by following the below steps:

1 - Run the command "install -u" from the directory where you have the driver currently installed. This should remove the Amyuni PDF Printer from the printers folder.

2 - Search and remove all instances of the files below:
acfpdfu.dll (possibly not installed)
acfpdfui.dll (possibly not installed)
pdfmon.dll (possibly not installed)
acpdfu*.dll(possibly not installed)

3 - Open the registry by running Regedit and the delete the printer name key under Hkey_Current_Config --> Software --> (Printer Name).

4 - Reboot your system

5 - Verify that the Amyuni PDF Converter driver is no longer in the printers folder
After you have finished the above steps, please install the new version and let us know if this resolves your issue.

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